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"Be stylish while being kind to Mother Earth" - an Oh How Kind sustainability initiative

The Oh How Kind Sustainability range is made from Oh How Kind's acrylic off cuts and recycled acrylics from past collection to bring you this UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND range that reuses, reduces and recycles to decrease overall wastage in our planet. Together with this range, we are stocking other products too such as the bio glitters from The Glitter Tribe that are made from plants not plastic.

** Percentage of the sale from this new collection will be donated to Carbon Positive Australia to support their tree planting programs.


In the process of reusing the materials, each style and combination has been carefully selected. You can be certain that the pair you receive is completely original and something no one else in the world has.


  • Complex mixed textures made from recycled acrylic off cuts
  • Made with surgical steel metal
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Provides a contemporary appeal to your daily look while being kind to Mother Nature

Measurement: approx 2.5cm wide x 5.4cm high

Our creations are driven by our passion to inspire and we believe that together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN STYLE!

Care instructions:

To prolong the quality of your acrylic pieces, make sure to keep them away from extreme heat and direct sunlight. Wipe with a jewellery or soft cloth. Make sure the cloth is clean and dust free. Rub lightly to avoid scratching the jewellery surface. For anything stubborn, a little dab of water should do the trick.

Please note:

Due to the hand-made and recycled nature of these earrings, they are delicate so ensuring that they are kept in a safe place, away from extreme heat and direct sunlight will keep them in great condition. With the process of recycling and in our best efforts to make the surfaces even at all times, please note that there may be minor imperfections. Please be careful not to hit them to keep them in their best form.

Important information:

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